After years of working for big organisations, I have my own small business, where I can say exactly where everything comes from, how my products are made, ensuring fair working conditions, what causes we can support & how we can inspire the world. 

I have set out to create beautiful baby clothes that can be worn for a long time and not thrown away with every season. Timeless pieces, that inspire, ethically created and free from harsh chemicals for your precious ones.

We believe in our products, we know that each piece we design and create, has longevity and value to it, this is why we don’t heavily discount our products. We know that this is important to our customers and is something that they look for in clothing.


As for me & my growing family, I ensure I  buy ethical and sustainable clothing that I know will last. It is easy to buy from Big retailers, however it is only a matter of a few washes, where the clothing will either fade in colour or de-shape. What’s more, I prefer to buy quality over quantity and know that I am doing my best to shape the future of this world. A world where simplicity is the true beauty. 

xx Sandrine


Founder | Designer 


Organic cotton is highly durable which means garments represent real value. Not only will they last longer and can be passed on to other children, but you’ll also save money as well as the environment in the long run.


Because the fibers haven’t been deconstructed as chemicals are added, organic cotton doesn’t pill easily or trap odors as much as conventional cotton. It’s environmentally safe and by selecting organic cotton you’re making a socially responsible decision to care for our environment, which after-all, is for the benefit of the future of our little ones.



At Bambino & Bundles we're have threaded our personal values throughout our business model and are proud partners with Still Aware Australia.

Still Aware is the first Australian not-for-profit charity solely dedicated to ending preventable stillbirth through awareness and education in pregnancy. Still Aware challenges behaviours and changes habits to save lives.

6 babies are stillborn in Australia every day, that’s one family every 4 hours leaving a maternity ward with empty arms and an empty heart. The impact of this loss lasts a lifetime. With the support of donors and businesses, Still Aware is able to educate clinicians, expectant mothers and families about stillbirth prevention and promote open communication around stillbirth in hope to reduce this tragic statistic.

You can learn more about this amazing foundation at stillaware.org.

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